Happy Earth Day!

With all that’s been going on in the world, it’s no wonder that more and more people – like myself – are becoming hyper aware of just what a shitshow we’ve made of our planet. It’s not good. I saw a seagull trying to eat a small plastic pot on the beach yesterday. We took it to the recycling bin (the pot, not the seagull) and grumbled a lot about other people, as is the traditional British way. Recently, I have been making a conscious effort to cut down on the plastic in my life. My fiancée and I are both big fans of nature documentaries and plastic. is. everywhere. So I thought this Earth Day I’d put together a little post on how we, as new plastic-lowering converts, have been cutting down on it in our every day lives.

Solid Shampoo and conditioner

Shown here in tins, because they’re currently a bit damp and gross after my bath, are two examples of solid and packaging-free shampoo and conditioner from Lush (not a sponsored post here, I’m not that lucky, I just bloody love Lush). By cutting out the bottle and instead providing these handy reusable tins, we’re not using two plastic bottles (or one, if you’re cheap like us and like the 2-in-1 stuff) that we otherwise would be, and they smell fucking fantastic. We have different kinds of hair, and both dye it a lot, and these bars are brilliant. I currently smell like a dream, have zero regrets, and my hair is super soft. They’re a bit pricey, but they last ages so it’s not that bad in the long run. Plus you can take them on planes because they’re not liquids (success!).

Glass bottles and reusable cups

Glass water bottles are reusable, stylish and can be cleaned with super hot water to assure they’re properly clean and don’t smell weird. For hot drinks, reusable tea/coffee cups are a godsend. My nearest café offers money off drinks if you take your own cup as opposed to using a disposable one, which is good if you too are addicted to tea and coffee. I’ve seen more and more places adopting this tactic which is amazing. Here I’ve pictured my water bottle, the cold-brew tea bottle I got for making fancy tea in the summer time, and my coffee cup. They’re super easy to clean, and offer me a way to transport my drinks around work – the nearest kitchenette is ages away and I drink a lot – without almost spilling them every two steps like the clumsy idiot I am. Also, if I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to wash up at work, I can pop the lid on, take them home and wash them up there. Score.

Biodegradable tea bags

Tea bags can contain plastic, and are often bleached beyond recognition which is suspect and kind of grim to be honest. Pictured here is some fancy tea from Bluebird Tea Co. (soon to be Bird & Blend Tea co. after a rebrand, again not a spon I just love tea) which is just one of the many brands to offer fully biodegradable tea bags, as well as loose tea which can be prepared in reusable strainers. If you love tea as much as I do, this is good news.

Reusable face cloths

I did order some reusable cleansing pads from etsy, but they’re made to order and they’re not here yet so here’s a picture of my makeup cloth. It’s called Magic Cloth apparently, and I got it from amazon as an alternative to the literal piles of cotton wool pads I use to remove my makeup every day after hours of hiding how tired I am. It’s cut out the need for makeup remover too as I just wet it and wipe my face and boom even my waterproof mascara is gone. Once they’re gross looking I just chuck them in the wash and use them again. If you don’t fancy spending the money, you can always use a flannel instead. I’m just pretentious and liked the sound of a fluffy face blanket so here we are. You can also get things like cotton buds with cardboard tubes instead of plastic, but I don’t have any of those yet either, so here. Have a completely uninteresting picture of a cloth which I have tried to make pretty against my kitchen wall.

Now I’m new to all of this, and it can be a little daunting realising just how much plastic there is lurking in every day life. My work pass, lanyard, phone case, shoes, clothing – there’s so much in my life that won’t break down once I inevitably break it beyond use. Unfortunately, some things are just hard to replace and in those instances we should try to reuse (I use old face mask pots to store bath things sometimes), or recycle where possible. I’d love to hear from you guys if you have any tips or suggestions about cutting down on plastic waste, or waste in general, and I hope you’ve found my mindless nattering about things I own at least slightly helpful. Or at the very least, entertaining.

Let’s try to take care of the planet, because I for one don’t fancy moving to Mars if things go south.

Charlotte 🙂

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