Reviewing: Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley

I love this book. I’ve been a fan of Sarah Graley’s artwork for ages, and actually met her at MCM once where she signed this book for Lauren and I and drew us a self portrait with a cat sat on her head! We can confirm that she’s a lovely person, so all the more reason to read her books!

Our Super Adventure is a collection of comic strips and illustrations following Sarah and boyfriend Stef as they go through life in love with their many cats. It is incredibly adorable, hilarious and perhaps a bit too relatable (seriously you replace the cats with a dog and BOOM, life in our house.”

Honestly this is a book I read when I am sad. It’s a quick read, but it brings me endless joy. I love the way Sarah Graley draws, and she shows those parts of relationships that you don’t often see in books. What you see is grand, sweeping love stories – sometimes all you want to see is two people being weird together forever. I am at my happiest when Lauren and I are singing songs we’ve written about our dog. We’ve managed to rewrite Bohemian Rhapsody  in what we call ‘Bohemian Pupsody’ to be entirely about Vegas and how great he is. He’s probably very confused about why these people he lives with keep tunefully howling at him, but we like to think he’s a fan.

We have also 100% had a conversation almost identical to this about the day I become a famous writer.

This book also contains bonus content, showing us the couple (and cats) behind our favourite comics, and how they have progressed over time. As someone who hugely admires artists but has all the artistic talent of a dead snail, I found this fascinating. Also, super cute cats which is always a plus.

I am slowly buying my way through all of Sarah Graley’s works, and you should too. This little book of joy is an absolute delight, and I know I will read it many, many times.

Overall rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 5 cats out of 5

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