Reviewing: Memories of a Crappy Pooch by Marta Alonso Berná

Well friends, this book was a wild ride.

Memories of a Crappy Pooch is the story of Maria Fuencisla as she deaths with the passing of her beloved dog Sartre in an unfortunate accident. She mourns the passing of her pet by revisiting old memories – like the time she snuck him into a zoo and he jumped into a monkey enclosure, or the time he literally fell into her life from above and she thought he was a baby bird, or the time Sartre nearly made it big in the TV industry. Her friends try again and again to help her recover from Sartre’s passing, but that little dog was her world and she just can’t let him go.

Literally how impatient dogs get when you put shoes on.

Then things get weird. Without going into too much detail there’s a dream involving a robot, unexpected boobs, a birth scene nobody expected or asked for and old ladies accidentally eating drug-spiked cake.

Aside from all the weirdness, this is a very sweet little graphic novel about grief and memory, and the special place pets can hold in our hearts that also manages to be very funny. The illustrations were well-drawn and Sartre was adorable. The ending managed to completely throw me, but it was poetic in the strange, bittersweet way this book is so fond of.

I think perhaps the weirdness was where I kind of lost focus in the book. My mistake was expecting this to be a book about a dog, and Sartre featured very little. This was a book about Maria, and her life and loss and the two men – one human, one canine – she yearned for as she outlived them.

Overall rating: 🐶🐶🐶 3 dogs out of 5

A Copy of Memories of a Crappy Pooch was provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review

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