LGBT+ Safe Spaces Online: Podcasts

Hello everyone!

This pride month, as all pride months, I was reminded by ceaseless comments on pride-related posts that the internet can be an unfriendly place for LGBT+ people. To be openly queer on the internet is still daunting to me some days, and every post I write or piece of information I divulge is considered carefully before going up. I ask my fiancee every time I mention her in a post whether or not what I have written is okay with her. I had to do some serious thinking about associating my face with my online presence. It’s a scary world out there, and if you think about it for too long it can be tempting to just never, ever set a proverbial foot in the land of the internet ever again. To disappear, however, would be to allow bigots a victory over myself. So here I am, utterly terrified. 

There are, however, safe places for us online. 

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a podcast fiend. I listen to them on buses, on trains, at my desk, in the bath…I just think it’s a fantastic format for storytelling and discussion. Podcasts have also created small online communities of their own, and the podcast doesn’t necessarily have to be LGBT+ themed to provide a safe space for members of the community. 

So I started writing a rec list of podcasts that I have found in my many hours of listening are openly supportive of and/or hosted by members of the LGBT+ community. However, I have not listened to all the podcasts. So I turned to the good people of Twitter for further list entries. Hopefully, together, we can build up a list of podcasts you can go into with the comfortable knowledge that whoever you are and however you identify, there’s cool stuff out there to listen to. 

Please note that I do listen to episodes of the podcasts before recommending them, but may not be up to date on all of them! If there is an entry on this list that you do not feel should be here for any reason, please do get in contact!

I have occasionally used description in quotation marks taken direct from podcast websites where I feel they describe it better than I could! 

  • Heaving Bosoms – Romance – Long distance besties Erin and Melody share their love of romance fiction while cackling oversharing and aiming to create a happy, welcoming space for people of all identities. This podcast is joyful and fun, and definitely NSFW so come with headphones at the ready! 
  • Not Now I’m Reading – Genre Fiction – Hosts Chelsea and Kay dive into the wonderful world of genre fiction, discussing books, movies, pop culture and fan fiction with laughs aplenty. 
  • Books In The Freezer – Horror – Books in the Freezer explores all different types of horror fiction, from creatures to exorcisms to mysterious small towns with big secrets. They also did an episode on Queer Horror featuring Chelsea from Not Now I’m Reading! 
  • Females In Fantasy – Fantasy and SciFi – Females in Fantasy is a joyous celebration of the female creators of quality content in the Fantasy and SciFi genres. Not limited solely to books with female characters/authors in terms of discussion, this podcast covers everything from sexuality and gender to autistic representation in fiction. 
  • Smart Podcast, Trashy Books – Romance – From the team behind Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, this podcast is a joyous and inclusive celebration of romance fiction, social issues, representation in fiction and so much more!
  • Everybody’s Dead – Horror – In this horror podcast, two best friends discuss their love of horror and laugh together!
  • Cliterary Society – Hosts Rebecca, Ellen and Sarah explore the world of Lesbian Romance Novels in this funny and fabulous podcast!
  • Wonderfully Bookish – YA/General – Charlotte at Wonderfully Bookish chats with authors, bloggers and fellow readers about all things bookish in this delightfully inclusive podcast!

  • The Bright Sessions – A podcast of recordings from therapy sessions between Doctor Bright and her patients who each display unusual abilities. 
  • Oblivity – A war hero is assigned to assist a research team of oddballs working from a station on Pluto. 
  • Ghostpuncher Corps – A Tabletop Roleplaying podcast following three hunters, working for Lucifer, hunting down those that escape from Hell. 
  • Moonbase Theta Out – Roger Bragado-Fischer is the communications officer of the last moon base, reporting back to head office as it is decommissioned and packed away. But not everything is as it seems, and as they get closer to extraction, Roger begins to worry about what – or who – they are returning to. 
  • 12:37 – Nora is a scientist who has somehow, found her way onto a time-travelling train. Now all she needs to do is figure out how to get home. 
  • Welcome To Night Vale – Taking the form of a radio broadcast from America’s most unusual town, this podcast is weird and wonderful and I have seen it live at least four times. Fun fact, I was once in the same Nandos as the cast of this show, and I’m pretty sure the only moment any of them looked our way was when I was doing an impression of Theresa May. This is my legacy. 
    • The team behind Welcome To Night Vale, Night Vale Presents, have a huge list of podcast content over at Night Vale Presents.
  • Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery – Unwell is a brilliantly done podcast following Lillian Harper as she moves to the strange and isolated town of Mt. Absalom, Ohio, to care for her estranged mother Dorothy after an injury. In a town where buildings exist, and then don’t, and a man walks in the woods, Lillian tries to decide what to do.

  • Ologies – Host Alie Ward sits down with incredible people within the scientific community to discuss everything from the end of the universe to bird butts.

  • Productivity Alchemy – Productivity and organisation – Kevin Sonney teaches listeners about productivity and organisation in a fun, conversational way with a variety of guests. 

  • And That’s Why We Drink – True Crime and Paranormal – A podcast exploring the supernatural and criminal history of humanity, hosted by best friends Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz (please remember to use they/them pronouns for host Em when discussing the podcast) and Gio, a handsome boy and good dog who provides moral support. 

  • Probably True – This podcast tackles LGBT+ issues, unapologetically filthy stories about sex and hilariously honest anecdotes from host Scott Flashheart.  
  • Gossip Gayz – Danny Beard & his bff DJ Billy Andrew provide weekly insights into gossip, LGBT+ culture and more in this hilariously honest podcast! 
  • WhatItDo – D-$ and the WhatITDo crew discuss pop culture, play games and chat with special guests! 

Got any podcasts you want to see on the list? Contact me and let me know which podcast you’d like to recommend, and I’ll give it a listen! 

I will only recommend podcasts that I personally would like to endorse on my blog, so if you do recommend a podcast I do also reserve the ability to make the difficult decision not to include it on this list! 

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