Bookending Autumn: Sweater Weather

This tag prompt comes courtesy of Danielle over at PoetryBooksYA as part of the Bookending Autumn Event! 


Tuesday 1st October

Sweater Weather

The most basic of prompts for Day 1! It’s officially sweater weather, so break out those cardigans from the back of your closet. Name some books that make you feel warm and cozy, like a nice sweater in the fall.

This prompt called to me on a deep, spiritual level. I am a big fan of feeling cosy. My ideal evening involves wearing a massive jumper, drinking a cup of tea and reading a good book while watching rain falling outside. Possibly with crackling fireplace and dog sleeping on my lap. And a blanket. I’m also not a huge re-reader of books. I tend to read a book and then move on. There’s just so many books to read that I have to LOVE a book to read it more than once. So if I re-read or even consider re-reading a book, that is a big deal. Several of these I have read more than once, and others I have reserved for if I have a particularly shit day and want to read something that makes me happy!

In keeping with today’s theme, each book has been photographed with one of my favourite cosy sweaters! (One of which is Lauren’s, because it’s fancy and comfy and she’s marrying me so I can borrow it sometimes). 

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman 

No list of my favourite books is complete without this one. I love it so very much that I listen to the audiobook at least once a year, I’ve purchased the audio play and I’m very tempted to buy myself the fancy new edition. If you’ve somehow escaped Good Omens after the release of the recent Amazon TV show (which I have also watched multiple times), it is a brilliantly funny and quintessentially English story wherein an angel and a demon (who should not like each other but kind of definitely do) misplace the antichrist in the days running up to armageddon. I just adore this book, and it still makes me laugh every time no matter how often I revisit it.

The long way to a small, angry planet by Becky Chambers

I remember Lauren read this before me, and I loved it when she read me her favourite lines and bits that made her smile. I just had to read it, and I’m so glad I did. Set in a future where long-distance space travel is possible by way of wormhole-like tunnels, this beautiful book follows a crew of tunnel-builders as they travel across space to build said tunnels. Now that sounds incredibly simple, but this book is really about the characters. Running from difficult pasts, or towards hopeful futures, the long way to a small, angry planet has a wonderful found family dynamic and an exceptionally diverse cast of characters all of whom I adore. 

Welcome To Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor 

I have been listening to Welcome to Night Vale since its very first episode was released, and that seven year period encompasses some of my worst struggles with mental health. During these times I grasped about for things that made me happy, and Night Vale has held fast as something that still does to this day. I’ve seen the live shows, read the books, I frequently re-listen to the podcast from the beginning at work. So when they released books set in the same small, strange town I leapt at the opportunity to read them. This novel follows nineteen year old Jackie Fierro, Night Vale Pawn Shop owner and operator. She’s been nineteen for so long she can’t remember a time before, and her life is lived in identical days of routine and repetition. So when she encounters a man she cannot remember, who leaves her a gift she cannot get rid of, her world starts to crumble around her. I’d recommend listening to the podcast first, as this novel does tie in and flesh out some of the background characters, but I’ve read this book twice now and I’ll likely read it again. It has all the wonderful, weird, scary and hilarious traits of the podcast I love and I hope you’ll love it too!

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare

Historical Romance is possibly top on the list of genres that teenage me would have sworn blind she wouldn’t like – what a fool she was. My recent dive head-first into the world of romance fiction has involved no less than three of Tessa Dare’s books and will no doubt involve many more. Dressmaker Emma accepts an offer of marriage from the Duke of Ashbury in the ultimate match of convenience. She needs a situation in life, he needs a wife and heir, it’s purely business. Add in meddling servants, an evil cat, a masked vigilante and a tonne of sexual chemistry, and you have a match getting less convenient and more confusing with every passing moment. Dare’s writing is witty, sexy and fantastically comforting, and this is one I will 100% be reading again – after all I just bought the audiobook to listen to on my commute. 

Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley 

Lauren and I picked up this adorable little comic collection at a convention once, and Sarah Graley actually signed it and drew us a little cat! It’s just a little book of love and joy, and every so often I flick through it just because it makes me happy. Hugely relatable and even more enjoyable, this is a book you can read in one sitting and now there’s a whole series of them! The love, giggles and adorable drawings on each page are bound to cheer you up and they’re perfect for a cozy night in! 

BONUS ROUND: Vegas decided he wanted to join in the picture taking


  1. Thanks for sharing and participating in my prompt!! Your choices were great. And your puppy looks so cute!! Welcome to the Night Vale sounds crazy as hell lol.

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