Reviewing: Tikka Chance On Me by Suleikha Snyder

Content warnings: Gang violence, racism

My rating: 4 books out of 5


  • It’s inspired by Chris Evans who is amazing
  • Very sexy sex scenes
  • Like, he’s a giver it’s nice
  • Love me a secret agent style storyline
  • Pinky is amazing I love her
  • The food descriptions just made me crave Indian food
  • The Captain America references killed me

Time to turn up the heat again for this one! I had heard a lot about this book, and the title is frankly iconic. I can’t say it without breaking into song. This is a novella that very few romance readers won’t have heard of, and rightfully so. Tikka Chance On Me centres around Pinky Grover, working in her family’s Indian restaurant, and Trucker Carrigan – a local biker gang member with a shady reputation and, presumably, muscles the size of your average carry-on suitcase. Just for a mental image, the hero is 100% based on Chris Evans so just picture this minus the uniform of FREEDOM:

Uniquely, we see the story from both perspectives – from Pinky, who knows Trucker is probably an awful human being like the rest of the gang members to Trucker himself, whose reasons for surrounding himself with criminals and racists are a bit more Captain America than they are Hydra. 

I’m sorry, I’ll stop, I promise. End of the line right here. 

Sorry, for real this time. 

The irony of the local biker gang of probable racists deeply enjoying Indian food is not lost on Pinky, but she serves up with a smile and one hundred percent doesn’t watch Trucker Carrigan sexily eating dessert and licking syrup off of his fingers. Nope, definitely not. 

And he definitely doesn’t go to the restaurant in question partially because he’s incredibly attracted to the cute waitress. 

Okay, he totally does. 

This is a super duper short book, I think I finished it in a day, and it packs a punch. There’s forbidden longing, hot sex, gang violence, more hot sex, discussion of slut shaming and code names to top it all off. Snyder has an incredibly easy to read writing style and there were definitely a few lines in there that just made me laugh. Trucker and Pinky are sweet, they’re funny, there’s a slight question of ‘how on earth will this work long term?’ that I had at the end that cost the novella a star, but other than that this was wonderful. Of course, because it’s so short I can’t really tell you all that much without going ‘HERE IS THE ENTIRE PLOT’ so just take my word for it, if you like illicit ‘should we be doing this?’ romance, Marvel jokes, unexpected Walmart encounters and men who just really enjoy expertly pleasing their partners, this is the novella for you. I 100% want to read more of Snyder’s writing, I just enjoyed it so much.

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