Reviewing: Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert

Content warnings: Mentions of blood and violence

My Rating: 5 books out of 5 


  • I bloody love a fated mate trope
  • Chastity and her family are amazing
  • Luke is a giant dork and I adore him.
  • All the emphasis on consent
  • ‘Apparently, his mate wanted minimum lumps in this batter. Therefore, he would eliminate all lumps.’
  • It’s like the coffee shop AU we all need.

Luke Anthony was a simple beast, curse of the moon aside. He asked for very little: creatures to devour, excellent Wi-Fi, and a complete lack of human company, to be specific.

Talia Hibbert has done it again, this book was just wonderful. 

It’s a tough time right now to be doing anything, so I decided to post a review of a book that made me very happy indeed in the hopes that it might also make you happy. Talia Hibbert is now becoming one of those authors I follow closely, and I have every intention of reading everything she ever writes. Ever. Mating the Huntress follows Chastity Adofo and Luke Anthony, werewolf huntress and werewolf respectively – and mates, by a supremely ironic twist of fate. 

Chastity is a huntress in name, but not in deed, a prophecy on the day of her birth predicted dire consequences were she ever to follow in the family footsteps. Desperate to prove herself, she starts making plans on the wolf that frequents the family coffee shop. Luke has a plan too. He’s been very carefully researching dating, and how to ask a woman out when you know she’s your mate, you know you love her more than anything, but you’re not entirely certain she knows who you are and you don’t want to terrify her. There’s not many books or advice pages on that, so he’s kind of on his own here. Then there’s the topic of his more animalistic nature, but that can come after the first date. 

Talia Hibbert knows how to write funny, and how to write sexy, and how to combine the two expertly. This book is relatively short, clocking in at 136 pages it’s a very quick read, but it packs a punch and it’s just so much fun to read. There’s secret and not to secret plots, the discovery of lost knowledge and a big huge chunk of family love that just warms the heart parts. Then there’s bits that might warm other parts too, but I will leave those for you to discover. 

I just loved the dynamic between them, the moments of humour and the awkward parts of getting to know a new potential partner mingled up with, you know, the werewolf thing.

I already have more of Hibbert’s books ready and waiting on my kindle, and in this stressful time I just know I will be devouring romance novels like a demon so look forward to those reviews! Stay safe out there everyone, and if you’re feeling the call of the moon, might I recommend Mating the Huntress? 

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