The state of things

I want to start by saying that the decision to write this was not one taken lightly or without consideration. I also want to make it clear that I know as a cisgender white woman I speak from a place of privilege that those affected by the recent events unfolding in the world do not have. I hope to use that privilege to support and magnify the words of others as opposed to using this moment in time to spread my own agenda or opinions. 

That being said I would like to make two things very clear:

  1. I support the Black Lives Matter movement. Shockingly I believe that asking not to be murdered for no reason isn’t an unreasonable request to make. This is not an America problem, it is a worldwide problem, and we have a duty to strive for better. 
  2. I love the trans community and do not in any way support or endorse the views of J.K.Rowling or the Trans-exclusive minority of the lesbian community from whom she appears to draw a lot of her rhetoric. The feminism I believe in and support is and will always be trans-inclusive and I aim as a young white woman to educate myself where I am lacking and support intersectional feminism. 

If you are a person of colour, if you are trans, I know it is not your duty to educate me – it is mine to educate myself. If anything I say is wrong, or fails you, I know it is my responsibility to learn, to accept and acknowledge my failings, and to make sure that I know and do better going forward in my life. 

I am putting my money where my mouth is. This July I will be taking part in the Transathon in an effort to discover and discuss with you all more fantastic trans voices within publishing. Additionally, alongside reading more of the incredible books out there by authors of colour, I am actively trying to be a better ally in my personal and public lives. This is, I know, the bare minimum a person can do. It is nothing special or praiseworthy to read outside of one’s own sphere of experience, but it is something I hope to keep doing going forward to broaden my own ability for empathy and supporting those who do not share in my privilege. 

I wanted to post an update to keep those of you not following my other social media outlets that the silence of Sapphistication lately has been an effort to allow marginalised voices a chance to speak and be heard without me popping up going ‘I read this book and I liked it!’. Book reviews didn’t take precedence over social injustice. Returning to posting will not mean that the crisis is over, and I will endeavour to be mindful of current events when I do return to active reviewing. 

Stay safe out there. 

Charlotte x

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