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Hello everyone!

It is time for another installation of my LGBT+ Safe Spaces Online resource directories! Given that I am writing on a blog and interact online with many other fantastic creators it just made sense for me to make a list of blogs! While not all of these bloggers are specifically posting about LGBT+ matters, each one is a safe space for us all to enjoy a bit of reading and find new things to enjoy!

Please note that I do read posts from these blogs before recommending them, but may not be up to date on all of them! If there is an entry on this list that you do not feel should be here for any reason, please do get in contact!

To those included, please feel free to use the below coding on your blog, and help share the love a little further!

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Amy @ Amy Jane Alice – She/Her

  • Amy reviews both YA and spicy romance novels using an honestly iconic rating scale, and has a page where you can find book recs as well as frequent updates on books she is reading and upcoming releases!

Highlighted post: February TBR 2021: F/F February

Catherine @ Bees And Books – She/Her

  • Book reviews and discussions galore can be found over at Bees and Books, and you can be assured of a safe space for LGBT+ people! One series I particularly enjoy is Coffee With Catherine, where Catherine does a monthly catch up which, especially during the great lockdown of 2020, just feels like a coffee catch up with a friend.

Highlighted post: Coffee With Catherine, July 2020

Ellie and Imi @ Beyond A Bookshelf – She/Her

  • Another dynamic duo of the blogging world, Ellie and Imi are a fantastic source for book recs, with a page of rec lists at the ready! They also created a yearly reading challenge called F/F February where they highlight Sapphic reads!

Highlighted post: A-Spec Masterlist

Blue @ Bookish Blue – They/Them

  • Blue does everything from book reviews to author interviews, movie reviews and posts about writing!

Highlighted post: August TBR: What I Hope to Read This Month

Mayu @ Bookshelf Life – She/Her

Highlighted post: 5 New Releases by South Asian Authors I am Really Excited to Read

Lay @ Bookshelf Soliloquies – She/Her

  • Lay is a delightful reviewer whose blog, while only started this year, is definitely one to watch! From classics to YA to non-fiction, she seems to have excellent taste!

Highlighted post: Review: A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green

Debbie @ Debbie’s Library

  • Passionate about books, writing and her future in nursing, Debbie reviews all sorts of books form classics to YA and promises a safe space for LGBT+ readers to enjoy and interact with!

Highlighted post: What I have read so far this year

LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks – She/Her

Highlighted post: Five Stages of Grief: Recommending a Book and They Don’t Like It

Bee @ I am Book Mad – She/They

  • Fellow bookish pet parent Bee reviews all sorts, from classics to YA, and takes part in blogger tags and blog tours for your reading delight. They also have a page dedicated to Diverse Reads, so feel free to check that out!

Highlighted post: Review: The Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty

Ali @ Reverie With Ali – She/Her

  • Fantasy fan Ali reviews both YA and adult books as well as discussing the topics those books cover, offering recs and readathon posts and a monthly catch up over a mug of hot chocolate!

Highlighted post: fatphobia in books

Becky @ Uptown Oracle – She/Her

  • Becky is my blogging teacher, former workmate and forever friend and she posts about books, products, places to go and the basics of blogging for those of us interested in doing the same! Her Blogging 101 series has been a tremendous help to me and I want to recommend that to anyone looking to start a blog, losing their willpower to keep blogging or just wanting to freshen things up!

She is also a queen, the knower of all things, and the best. I wasn’t forced to write these things, but it was strongly suggested.

Highlighted post: Uptown Oracle Reads The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant

Lauren and Becky @ Northern Plunder – She/Her

  • Northern Plunder has a bit of everything, be you feeling bookish or witchy, or unsure how to go about your first literature convention! Lauren also runs the online book club Books and Tea!


The fantastic Reviewers @ The Lesbian Review

  • A frankly GENIUS resource for finding f/f content, The Lesbian Review has sections to help you find:
    • Books
    • Audiobooks
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Fanfiction

They also have a Find Your Next Read page which is honestly just amazing in its detail. You can narrow by everything from genre to trope and it’s SO COOL. There’s even a section for nonfiction if fiction isn’t your jam!

Highlighted post: The Stars And The Blackness Between Them by Junauda Petrus

Alex @ Library of Books and Tea – She/Her

Highlighted post: Review: Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Fabienne @ Libri Draconis – She/Her

  • First off, what a cool blog name am I right? Fabienne has a fantastic backlog of book reviews, updates regularly and this is a hugely enjoyable blog to read!

Highlighted post: The Arthurian Megapost

Sarah and Sophie @ The Little Contemporary Corner

  • Sarah and Sophie are long term friends and co-bloggers who review a wonderfully diverse array of books. For UK based readers, Sarah and Sophie host an LGBTQ+ Book Club in Manchester!

Highlighted Post: Reviewing Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

Mols @ Mols By Moonlight – She/Her

  • Mols by Moonlight is just a treasure trove of weird and wonderful fiction, and is the reason I bumped Mexican Gothic up my TBR (so thanks Mols!). Highlighting one of my favourite genres of Strange Books and with her own LGBTQ+ Blogger Directory which you should definitely check out, I can’t recommend this blog enough!

Highlighted Post: BLM resource master list; businesses, creatives, books, resources and more!

Annie, Jude and Sadie @ Queer Books Unbound – She/Her

  • This amazing trio not only place queer content front and centre on their blog, but also have sections for ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:
    • Genre
    • Orientation & Identity
    • Pairing
    • Publisher
    • Tags
    • Trigger Warnings
    • BONUS – Asexual Awareness week also has its own section!!

Highlighted post: Authors Unbound: Guest Post by E. Davies

Lauren @ Readers Enjoy Authors’ Dreams – She/Her

  • A fellow bibliophile whose tendency to talk about books a lot led to a blog (and thank goodness for that!), Lauren at Readers Enjoy Authors’ Dreams reviews all kind of books as well as movie reviews, looking at different products and True Crime Tuesdays – a series I will be keeping an eye on for sure!

Highlighted post: Hamilton (Hamilfilm) Review

Kate @ Reading Through Infinity – She/Her

  • Championing diversity in books, Kate writes about everything from YA (preferably queer!) to vegan food and travel! There’s a LGBTQIAP+ Section on her blog for those of you after some recommendations!

Highlighted post: 18 Of The Best Books I Read in 2020

Twirling Book Princess – She/Her

  • A wonderful reviewer from the Netherlands, Twirling Book Princess reviews in both English and Dutch and reads everything from children’s books to nonfiction!

Highlighted Post: Review for Unfamiliar Familiars – because we all need to see a tiny sloth upside down on a broom.

Jenna @ Westveil Publishing – She/Her

  • Jenna’s reviews are delightful, frequent and diverse and include video reviews on her Youtube Channel and she has an LGBTQIA section on her blog which I will definitely be keeping an eye on!

Highlighted post: Felix Ever After – 5 Star Review

Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish – She/Her

  • Wonderfully Bookish is an absolute treasure trove of a blog, with book reviews, film reviews and a wealth of advice for bloggers, gift guides and so much more!

Highlighted post: 55 LGBTQ+ YA, MG & Adult Book Recommendations (From LGBTQ+ Readers)

Bianca @ Your Words My Ink – She/Her

  • Bianca reviews in both English and Afrikaanse about a diverse array of books and has a page dedicated to recommendations for those of you looking for a great read, including a page of Pride Month reads!

Highlighted Post: The Falling In Love Montage Book Tour

Brigid @ Brigid Downey – She/Her

  • While Brigid does review books, her blog is very much a lifestyle blog, with sections dedicated to mental health, travel, movies, witchy things, beauty and LGBTQIA+ matters! The sheer variety of her content makes Brigid’s blog the first entry in the Lifestyle Blogs section!

Highlighted post: Black Lives Matter and the History of Pride Month: The Stonewall Riots

If you would like to be included on this list, please do email me at or hop over to my Contact Me page and drop me a message! You don’t need to be exclusively LGBT+ based in terms of content, just a safe space for all to read, enjoy and discover new things and new friends!

Charlotte xx


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