Reviewing: Temptation by Kris Bryant

Review copy provided by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Content warnings: Parental homophobia, Death of a family member.

My Rating: 4 Books out of 5


  • A child in a book that I don’t find extremely annoying? Rare!
  • Women in science are always awesome. 
  • Also women in business suits. 
  • Genuinely lovely relationship develops between Brook and Cassie
  • There’s a turtle called Leonardo 
  • Every gay needs a supportive grandma

Ever so gently, afraid she would back away, I pulled her closer to me and deepened the kiss. Brook was in control of every aspect of her life, from the boardroom to the home , but right here, in my arms, she gave me control.

Cassie is a twenty-four year old college student who takes on a job as Nanny to the son of successful businesswoman Brook Wellington. It’s a good job, Noah is adorable, the pay is good and she can continue her studies alongside. It would be perfect if Brook wasn’t so damn attractive. And interested in women. And, despite all attempts at an ‘ice queen’ exterior, she has a softness to her that Cassie can’t help but adore. She’s lonely, and Cassie sees glimpses of it between the cracks of her mask. 

If you’re looking for a wintery lesbian romance, stop right here. There’s everything you’ll need – cosy log cabin getaway included – to curl up with a hot drink and fall in love with Cassie and Brook. And Noah is ADORABLE – those who know me will confirm that I tend to prefer animals to children, but this one is pretty damn cute. He and Cassie strike up a loving and supportive relationship, and it is very clear that despite her busy schedule, Brook adores her son. 

I don’t know where this is set exactly, but there’s a lot of sapphic ladies in this town. The violin teacher, the school teacher…both show an interest in Cassie that Brook blatantly disapproves of for totally professional reasons, and not just because she also has the hots for the nanny fourteen years her junior. Who is also amazing with her son. 

Yeah Brook is pretty screwed to be honest, but Cassie isn’t exactly resisting the allure of her standoffish employer. 

But the path to their happy ending isn’t always a smooth one, with personal relationships and that ‘employer-employee’ relationship hanging over their heads constantly, these ladies have to navigate a host of complications alongside their growing attraction. Don’t worry though, when said obstacles are overcome the sexy times are very sexy. But just as a disclaimer, I have discovered a HARD NOPE to add to the list. Are you ready?


Okay, now that’s off my chest – sexy times, very good. 

I really enjoyed this book, and will 100% be picking up more of Kris Bryant’s writing! It was the perfect mix of touching, romantic and toe-curlingly sexy. With realistic characters and relationships, this one is a recommendation from me to you!

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