February Wrap Up!

Hello everyone!

So February is over, and honestly I don’t think I took any of it in. If January was productivity and renewal, February was staring into space and finding it hard to finish a cup of coffee, never mind an entire novel. For such a short month, February has dragged its heels from start to finish.

My main achievement, and it is an impressive one, is that I actually finished an entire lip balm. I will hold for your applause.

Right, beyond being a space-brained gay disaster with unreasonably soft lips, what did I actually do this month? Let’s dive in!

This month has been so much slower than January in terms of reading, but I refuse to beat myself up about it because – you know – pandemic and all that.

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

Starting my Discworld adventures, I have been reading The Colour of Magic. Pratchett definitely dives FULL ON into the worldbuilding, so keeping up with who was where and when has been an adventure for my sleepy brain, but it has that typical Pratchett humour that I just adore which more than makes up for it! I desperately want luggage with legs to follow me around and ram into the shins of my enemies.

Into The Drowning Deep by Mira Grant

To celebrate F/F February and treat myself, I bought the audiobook of one of my favourite books (and one which I have reviewed on here!) Into The Drowning Deep. My love for this book knows no bounds – I mean it has to be a winner for me to re-read it, especially if there’s gore involved! Is it weird that one of my comfort books is about man-eating mermaids in the deep ocean? Probably. Do I care? Nah.

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures by Merlin Sheldrake

My latest dive into nonfiction is this book about Fungi and boy have I underestimated the humble mushroom. Merlin Sheldrake has an immensely soothing voice, it’s a truly serene experience to listen to him telling you all about the immeasurably complex world of fungal growth while knitting a scarf and nursing a cup of hot chocolate.

Welcome to Nightvale

I’ve restarted listening to Welcome To Nightvale because, well, I can’t entirely remember where I stopped and I love the early episodes with that sort of fierce love saved for your first podcast. Besides which, there’s nothing quite like Nightvale to make you feel like your daily life is in fact very normal, even during a global catastrophe.

The Mandalorian on Disney +

This month, we finally finished Series 2 of The Mandalorian and I just love this space drama about a Very Tired Dad (™) and his tiny green son. Without any spoilers, the finale left me distraught and I may need to rewatch the series from the beginning while we wait for more.

The Great Pottery Throwdown

It’s like Bake Off for pottery and every year it is amazing. There’s tears, there’s rude looking pottery maneuvers, there’s DOLLY PARTON, this has been the perfect balm for my pandemic-wearied soul and honestly I could watch it forever.

On the advice of my fiancée, whose choice to marry me confirms her impeccable taste, I have put aside my squeamishness regarding zombies and at long last started playing The Last of Us and while I remain a terrible shot, I am having a whale of a time blasting my way through clickers and engaging in witty banter with my small and sarcastic companion (Ellie, not Lauren). Before you ask, I do know how the game and its sequel go, so I’m not going in totally blind, but that doesn’t make the storyline any less traumatic.

So TikTok has informed me there’s a lot more to Stardew Valley than meets the eye. I was just playing my happy little farming game but APPARENTLY THERE’S A WAR? Either way, the simple daily routine of checking on my chickens has soothed my weary soul, so that’s nice.

As you’ll know from my recent post I went for my first Cervical Screening this month, which turned out rather anticlimactic to be honest. I wanted to use this to highlight how, even in a national lockdown, you should still go for your regular checks – GPs are still offering them! – and how despite the layer of mystery that surrounds so many of these routine examinations, they’re not as scary as you might think. You don’t even need to wear matching underwear!

As we reach the year mark of all this weirdness, my mental health has plateaued somewhere around ‘meh’. The pandemic fatigue is real, and while I try to remain optimistic this month has truly tested my ability to cope. Losing an entire year with those you love is awful, there’s no escaping it, and while things are beginning to look hopeful for the future there are things I will never get back. Readjusting to a ‘normal’ life will be hard for all of us, it’s hard to tell what the world will be like going forward but I hope it’s kind to us.

How was your February? Did you read any good books? Watch any good shows? Let me know!

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