March Wrap Up!

Yes I know it’s April, time is meaningless in lockdown and I forgot the date, I apologise profusely. Anyway, on with the wrap up!

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

I was lucky enough to be approved for an audiobook from Netgalley of The Shape of Darkness, a historical, possibly paranormal thriller set in Bath. While I had some mild concerns about certain plot elements (see my upcoming review for details) I genuinely really enjoyed it, the narration was excellent and I was listening at every opportunity to finish the story!

Ms Adventure: My Wild Explorations in Science, Lava and Life by Jess Phoenix

A continuation of me actually reading my netgalley arcs instead of hoarding them like a dragon (I consider this character growth), I was super excited to read this book! Jess Phoenix was the first ever guest on one of my favourite podcasts, Ologies, and ever since then I have been fascinated by the concept of volcanology! Looking back on her career, from the very first geology course to studying active volcanoes in Hawaii, Phoenix takes us with her across the globe to study alongside her. I loved it!

My Dad’s Best Friend by Katee Robert

As a part of my Reading Embrace reading I read the latest in Katee Robert’s A Touch of Taboo series, and while it wasn’t the same steaminess and chemistry level as Your Dad Will Do it was still a sexy read from the queen of steam!

All at Once by Brill Harper

Another of my Reading Embrace entries, the audiobook for All at Once is narrated by Heaving Bosoms host Melody Carlisle! It’s sweet and sexy and wonderful and I will 100% be investing in the rest of the series! I might have found a new romance author favourite in Brill Harper!

Unwell, A Midwestern Gothic Mystery 

I’m always in the mood for a creepy, story-based podcast and this series about a girl who goes back to the (exceptionally odd) town of her childhood to take care of her estranged mother after an accident is scratching that itch for me! With nonbinary and queer rep alongside a lot of creepy people talking about celery, I’m excited to see where it goes!

And That’s Why We Drink 

Sometimes you just need to stick on a conversational podcast about hauntings and murders to relax, you know? Em and Christine have been keeping me company in my empty office with their tales of UFOs, ghosts and murderers.

Celebrity Bake Off for Stand up To Cancer

The balm to my weary soul this month was Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer. There’s just something wonderful about watching celebrities completely fuck up a cake. 

Dating Amber 

A movie about two young, gay teenagers ‘dating’ each other as a civer to get through Catholic school in Ireland while coming to terms with their identities, Dating Amber was funny and sad and overall wonderful and I really enjoyed it! 

Look, I loved the Montero video enough to create a new segment to my monthly wrap up. I mean it’s a bop, let’s be honest, and the unashamed queer energy of the video just made me LIVE, I will be listening to it on repeat until about July, that is all. You know a song is good when my first instinct is to embroider lyrics on a jacket. 

The Last of Us

I finished The Last of Us! I enjoyed it so much that I’m actually playing through it again and it is just so good! I love the story, the characters, the designs for zombies are completely horrifying (why is it always mushrooms?) and I will absolutely be playing the second one soon. Honestly it was just so much fun playing the game with Lauren (who watched, laughed and refused to help whenever a bloater appeared because apparently my fear is simply too entertaining). There’s just something fantastic about sharing her love for this game and enjoying that together, and I can’t believe I slept on this game for so long. 

Well this month has once again been locked-down, so my personal life outside of work has been limited to the media I absorbed like a sponge – but also online shopping. I discovered Vinted, sold a jumpsuit and bought a cape and dungarees. My sense of fashion ranges from children’s tv presenter to elven queen, sometimes at the same time, and I love being able to pass on clothes that I loved to people who will continue to love them!

I also discovered Gail’s Bakery, because they are on Deliveroo where I live now so of course I ordered cinnamon rolls to work. I love a cinnamon roll, and I think I have found my favourites. Bakeries are magical places, and there’s just something lovely about having a little freshly baked treat to cheer myself up during a mood slump! 

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves out there, it’s been a bloody awful year for a lot of us, and I hope this one is better! 

Did you read any interesting books in March? Perhaps you have a new hobby? Comment below and let me know! 


  1. Omg I recently discovered Ologies and it’s my new obsession! So I definitely have to put Ms Adventure on my TBR!

    My March was filled with university deadlines and less than stellar mental health, but I’ve been playing Animal Crossing a lot and recently got back into watching Critical Role (I am about a year’s worth of episodes behind, whoops).


    • Ologies is the best! 😀 Oof uni deadlines are the worst, good luck! I really need to start Critical Role, it’s been on my list of things to watch for ages! Also my Animal Crossing island has been overtaken by flowers and I’m not even mad about it, the WEEDS however can fuck right off 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • I only have one assignment left (it’s a video essay about Twilight haha, so actually very fun to do especially because I love editing!) but then my next semester starts immediately so I don’t feel like I’ve had a break at all 😥 And yeees, come join the Critters! I love how everyone’s hatred of the weeds in AC has persisted across all the versions of the game, I remember spending hours weeding my island after not playing for months🙈


      • Okay that sounds incredible! You can do it I believe in you! I recently didn’t visit my island for a month and when I got back it was just weeds and there were bugs in my house and I gave gifts to all my villagers because they were sad and I felt bad!


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