About Me – Further ramblings of someone definitely not putting off writing a novel.

Hi there!

My name is Charlotte, and there’s really no way to write an about me that doesn’t sound like a dating profile, is there? Anyway I love books, and since you’re here reading this I can only imagine that you do too!

I live in England with my wife Lauren and our dog Vegas, and when I’m not reading or writing reviews, I can be found crafting one of my numerous and ever expanding hobbies (latest addition: knitting).

I started blogging when a friend from work introduced me to the wonders of book blogs, and I’ve been writing reviews for you all ever since! It’s been challenging and fun, watching myself improve and seeing my tastes change and broaden, and I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them!

So welcome, find a cosy chair, find your favourite drink and curl up with a blanket. Let’s talk books!