About Me – Further ramblings of someone definitely not putting off writing a novel.

Hi there!

Welcome to the page of my blog where I get to gratuitously talk about myself! My name is Charlotte, I look like this:


Okay, this is beginning to sound like the beginning of a new school year where you go around the room and state mundane facts about yourself. Let’s shake this up a little.

I love writing, it is one of my favorite things to do and I have wanted to write books since I could read them. I distinctly remember writing stories about my friends and I going on adventures when I was about seven. They were terrible and must be burned if they still exist, but they are testament to tiny Charlotte’s determination to tell stories. I was told once at University that the stories I want to write – namely ones where the characters are not all heterosexual – would be a ‘specialist subject’ and would probably never achieve mainstream popularity. This, I maintain, is bullshit. I have spent my entire life up until very recently reading books full of nothing but heterosexuals.

Heteros, heteros everywhere.

Despite this, reading is still awesome because if it’s a good story I will read it. So by this logic – and the logic that I get my best friend to read everything I write and she is staunchly heterosexual herself and still loves it – if I write good stories people will (hopefully) want to read them. So there.

I did English Literature with Creative Writing at University, and spent the better part of three years writing about books in a very structured, stuffy manner where using words like ‘bullshit’ was highly frowned upon. It was a bit rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went, and I’m proud of what I achieved, but writing essays has always bored me to tears. Reading them even more so. I suited academia, I can write essays and extract deeper psychological meaning from books and all the things I have been taught to do since primary school in one way or another – but academia never suited me, not in the way that made me want to go on and get a Masters or anything like that. English Literature can be a stuffy subject, full of people trying to decide what is ‘real literature’ and what isn’t, what is worthy of merit and what isn’t. To me, books aren’t just for critics and literary journals, books are for readers. People who finish a book and go around waving it under the noses of their friends/partners/neighbours going ‘THIS BOOK IS BLOODY AMAZING, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK’.

And so, as a reader who loves chatting to other readers about things we read and who frequently talks the ear off my fiancée (her name is Lauren and I talk about her as much as I do books most of the time, because she’s wonderful) about reading and writing various things, I decided to start doing it online. I have friends with blogs, and it looked like great fun and I’d get to talk about books a lot, there was literally no catch. And here we are.

You’re welcome.

As you’ve probably gathered, I bloody love to talk. Ask my mother-in-law. So let’s talk! I could be a lone blogger, hurling my opinions on books out into the abyss of the internet, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun if you guys throw yours back?

And I’ve got a literal bed full of books to be read, so there will be lots of opinions.

I hope you like my blog, I think it’s pretty great.

Now, let’s get reading!